Saturday, June 30, 2012

Woman I forgot - Poem

As the night recedes by the dawny evening
The sun still shines hiding the cold wind
Inviting to be pricked and tranced
In this moment as I turn
A cherubic face with devious smile
Greets and cheers
Lest not judge I said
To see behind
Young and flourishing
Reminding the youth I am leaving
She fills the joy 
I empty it with a dullness
"Why are you sad" she asks
I am not, I hide that three words
Behind a laughter to move on
Senses and withdraws
From the vibrant energy of melancholy in my cheer
She jumps around tables
And feed the sweetness to her sweet
I wonder, To see by my side
The Lucky man in the aura of fortune
I talk to her again to know his prize
I do not flirt, I do not fake
I appreciate
The presence she made.

Untitled - Poem (Inspired by Mathi's Poem)

As the echo fades into diminishing memories
Faintly I remember that I forget
The days and months and years and eons
The dying souls of destined abyss
The hopes that do not live
The sins that are not damned
Mistakes and redemptions are hanging
In a loosened veneered faith of old and tainted tree
Cling on to it as long as you can
As the fall into the depths of our mind
Is a cursed catharsis
"Ignorance is bliss" as someone said
Is in tradition, culture and crime
But the tree of misery will fall to its burden
And the curse will have its day of listening
For conscience has its life in roots and fruits
Let the day of judgment begin within
For better and worst to see the truth.

Mummy! - Poem

You make us mad
You make us glad
We still want to hear
Your comic laughter for our laughter
As distant in roads
In coasts and ocean
There is the day for us
In our eyes 
To see and glee
In our ears
To hear in our hearts
Thoughts Differ
Voices go higher
This is the day
To see the flowers
Bright and Shine
And peace rains
For the love we seed
Let us take you a ride
Serene and satisfaction
We love you mom you hear us now
And it would echo on
Through thunder and clouds.

Collaboration with Mathi after 1931 Rock Island from "The Road to Perdition"

A bit of an anonymous eastern tinge
Willing and coming forth to take you on a ride...
Take you on a ride on your dreams
And take you on a ride on the moments of glory and sorrow you had preserved
Somewhere in the untreaded barren portions of your inner most self
Letting you revolve for some moments on the axis of emotions
You wanted to live.. but never did for reasons unknown

Gripping you gently
And giving you the ride of your life
Into the beauty of tunes
Tangling your emotions
You had and you have
To bring the ultimate joy
And the Nano Second Frustration
In which, you relive the moment of truth.

- Mathi and Ashok

Bloody Poems - Poem

I write bloody poems
Dark and sick and gloomy and hopeless
Dooms and abyss and endless spirals
Mirror the words of sour and caustic
Am I here in these types and inks?
Or the bitter friend of repression
Has his time to seek
Why does it an id or ego
Or Super Ego
Has a sexist
In the curves and bulges of blobby flesh
Wait till I surpass in coming verse
In fresh disgust and outlet for lust
Spoons of those are sipped or shoved
As dirt and lewd becomes cousins
In a dogma
Of sins and guilt
Gripe and grudge
Has swept the air from middle of brow
Resides the fictitious image of fa├žade
As symbol of inner within
Of cherubic delicacy
When floating feet looming the crystal sea
On the lines of endless horizon
Stepping on colours on clouds
Sitting beside the doves and blue
I write bloody poems 
I really do.

Say - Poem

Say you love me
And I will go away
May be I will wait by the doorstep
And hope for your mind to change
As I wait for that wishful thinking
Let my darkness disappear
And thoughts wither away to chords and tunes
Say you need me
And I will work on things you want me to
Please, say I need to be there
So that life can be easy
And we can solve it in chords and tunes
Say you want me
And I might see
The flaws you appreciate
So that life is not bad as I see it to be
And it fits in my chords and tunes
Say you.

Sweet Bitter Nectar - Poem

When sun suicides
On this burdened ground
It shines the life on you
As the wind tunnels through
Troubles and sorrow
It melancholizes you
As rain pours its death
On the velvet bed of your skin
It gates through bliss and burn
Stones, pebbles
And unreflected glasses
Beckons to be broken
Shattered and powdered
From your tender hands of hammer
I exist
To ink these failed words
To swallow and relish the sweet bitter nectar
Of love and passion and taste
That they call IPA

Unresolved Damsel - Poem

Under the blanket of thinned ice
Touching through the unburied skin
In inches, pores and molecules
The water drops and drops and drops
Through undefinable curves 
And delicious swerves
Dripping and streaming
Through the rosy translucence
Of sin and innocence
Inviting to caress and crave
Lying there drenched 
In mystical liquid
Crystallizing into dimples and bosom
Evoking the essence of condensed scent
Sweats and tears
Eyes and sights
Birthing and disappearing 
As you please and tease
In texts and speech
In words and silences
In distance through stars that dangles
In darkness through the light it swallows
You dwindle and dance
I perplex and tempt
Wither and befuddle
Decide and sit aside
Think and forget
Wonder in candor
I see you see
I try to defy
The mystique of you
In known vain and unknown pain
A lifetime would be a wasted chance
But I need that chance
I might die, survive or be eternalized 
I might dissolve
Scramble or absolve
In to that abyss of soul
Whatever thou might be
This unresolved damsel
I would live to die
To be found and lost
Into you and you and you alone.

Pondering behind Dove Cottage - Poem

Ashes of smoke drizzles above
Through the tangerine oily shaded hill
I sat across alone and still
The green around warms me chill
The water, oh the still and serene water
It spreads around its circles
As a crawl of an unperturbed infant
The journey of life in cliches like this
We often forget the beauty it is
I want solitude
I want love
I want nature, high and above
I want lust, I want hate
I want morals and hard debate
I want peace, I want violence
I want laugh and mean smiles
I want fruits, the plumpy flesh
I want everything that is on Earth
I want these and much more
I am human, welcome aboard!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ocean - Poem

Gravels and Stones rolling under the cold feet
Gliding through the stream
Through the river
To a sea of spread memories of glitter and garbage
I skated through the sheets of the paper fluid
And dropped in and landed on the trembling feet
Steely eels, moving giants of whales
Go through unnoticed and insignificant towards the body
An ocean made from scratch,
From the droplets of cliches and carried away dreams
Private artworks, aging beauties
Glow and shine in the dusted corals
Stroll or cruise or swim or run
Melting images never gets tired
You rise up to lose the shine
You cover in sands of time to be found
When nothing is left in flesh and bones
In the caves of darkness brights the glowing water
Divided clean, sharp and chiseled
Lie the dirt from the diamonds
When the foreseen visitors of the faraway land
Come through for their life to unravel
They may see the dirt and go back to the surface
Or some may see the undying pictures
This ocean is made from scratch
From the unweighed souls and brought down egos.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spot the Invisible - Poem

I have whispered through the thin air
To the breeze that never came
To throw away the words
For the distant beauties of mine
“Ten Thousand saw I at a glance” said Wordsworth
Ten is good enough
Their arrow straight eyes
Suddenly plummets the ground
Searching for the invisible spot
May be they will find it
If I help them
But why does it always
Fall in the same place
Where I walk away
Hey there, I am here
I shout within
Is it me
Yes it is
Presumptuous thoughts and deceptions
As I thought
For a change she did something different
She stared up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Untitled - Poem

(Inspired by the above Photo taken by Barath. In Pic - Kishore holding his son)

The sweet stains of the saliva on my shoulders is still wet
He stares at the water with scare
Cuddled in my arms
I stare with scream inside my head
Unknown depth and invisible little characters
It might be warm or cold or just enough to rest in peace
Eerie but inviting
Years of walking over the unstable liquid
Only fears more
I stay smiled
For the hidden man in my arms
He seem to be proud of me
Hopes that I can conquer the vast mouth of this monster
The serenity is calmed by the shudder of the presence
Of the reflections of the flown sky
I smile at the terrorized face
It will be fine
You can stare but not step
But the real fun is to swim
Which I have missed so far
In losing myself in the gold of safe and comfort
I have been numbed
With the rhythm of the living vigour in you
Live for me if you will
Bury and sail through in this muddy gooey
Icky as it feels
Feel it without doubt
Till your last membrane of your stripped body
Plunge is the order I give you little prick
Painful as it is, you will thank me
From the mirage shores with your kin
Carrying the terror of mine in the eyes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For some creative scribblers - Poem

The drunken intellectuals of the north end street
Look at the mirror with grin and greed
Self indulgence is compulsive narcissism
Above the ditches and below a crown
Searching for their left out egos and worn out prides
Under the bottles of wines and whisky
Struggle is their humiliation
Naked in their dresses
Hunting them inside the scripts of rejected stories
Villains, heroes and comedians
Erotic kisses in blotted inks
Play the guns in the torn up edges
The constant disguise in the last page
Amongst the deep cellulose of angels and paint
Unsung solos of eulogy
For their pride, posse and talent
Gods of Words or Reality Destructors?
Thriving for sentences through the half inch glasses
Finding themselves
In the vivid caricatures
Of Beauty and facades
Filling the spaces in their separated words
While the void in their life is in search
Of their clone in the secret pages of a poet
Staring at the last sip in the bar at north end street.

A Poem for a Day - Poem

Monday has gloomed our imaginations to mundane
Tuesday is just horrible for Tuesday
Wednesday shows signs of Hope
From causal times of beckoning
For fun, vain and desperation
For the weekend of hope and failure
The fun is not the fun in its purity
It is the patient count of diurnal freezing
In cubes, in boxes, in clockwork jails
Stare at the white doom
Space out in your immovable mind
To mark that waiting game
We join in hands with some shame
Lets get together to celebrate
By preempting the joy
Before the final day of a vacuous week
It is not the hangover Saturday
Or the lonely Sunday
Not even the glorious Friday - hell hole's pardon exercise
It is its elder brother and sweet reminder
Where hopes spring and eagerness soar high
The invisible prisoners
Of corporate chaos
Calls for the revelries
And possible debauchery
And for the heck of it
Come out
For the Paradise of Pre-Friday

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Momentary Eternity, - Poem

Shake the clouds
Kiss the evenings of possibilities
Tell the moon to sleep some more
Things are fine, Ask the Sun to Shine

Pick up the bees
Line up the butterflies
To flap its wings
In swarms and millions
Let the day flicker in that lapsed darkness
Let me pluck the strings of my old guitar
May be I will learn the notes
May be I will sing the song
Let me loose the wings
And Walk for a change
Let the stones bite me sweetly
And let me drip the nectar
To feed the earth
Let the air get the whiff of that forgotten scent of life
Let the light slow down for a moment
In this momentary eternity,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Regrets and Redemptions - Poem

(Inspired by the song "Hurt" original song by Trent Reznor, cover by Johhny Cash)

I close my eyes again
To dream my nightmare
I hesitate to see
The truth beneath the skin
I shiver myself to pain
And realize the shine of shame
I see a thousand eyes
Scorch me to bleed
Is it the way of life?
To wither the devil inside
All those chores to scream
Confess the stammer of lies
To pick myself up
Walk beneath the palms
Dripping its white nectar
I drink to quench the sane
And redeem to clean the dirt
Is it the way of life?
To burn the wings of desire
I recite the chores of scream
To witness my birth inside.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Avenue of Glowing Darkness - Poem

Sobering into the mystic world
I crawled upon the floors
Something clawed my hand
I wiggled and stood
Straight ahead the shallow heart
Inviting me into it
With lust and love
Mingled into itself
I walked out
Without will and courage
And slowly I touched
The void of forbidden
Sucked into it
I swam across the ocean
Fishes and Seahorses ball rooming
And smiling at my innocence
Stared at their mimic
I see beneath the abyss
Frightened by the depth of ignorance
I rise up into the surface
To immerse into the reality
I see the dark ness in my home
In the corridor of sunshine
To see the lust and love
I entered my avenue of darkness
Glowing with its tentacles of obsession.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Where the good shouts from hell - Poem

Sitting in the Dark
Staring at the ticking clock
I ringed up myself
To charge up my righteous brain cells

Mindless hearts
Heartless minds
Is there any remedy for a righteous brain?
Complicated surroundings
Sorrow surmises in to the sadness of those fighting cells
Waking up the illogical devils

The passion of doing the right
Gets beaten by those vicious souls
Thorns all along
Innocence of ignorance wrapping their sharpened teeth
Into the tender flower of righteous
Is there any one to save this righteous brain?

Comes along with the shrieking sound of thunder
From the clouds of evil
The voice of the good
“Thorns are life, my friend”, it says
“Life is the devil’s dish
To quench its hunger of its righteousness
It defines its own philosophies,
I dine with it day and night
To negotiate the beauties of good,
He blames me for being evil and
I am in the devil’s well
Perplexed in my own beliefs,
I question the souls of world
And answer the good and
Here you come, my friend
Into the devil’s well of complications,
I still find peace in it,
In my sleep on the bed of thorns,
I am with myself
And I talk some sense to it
The more I talk, the more it hurts
An infinite mode of negotiation
Which runs with time
And yet it is the duty of souls
To question the action of evils
The day may turn years
And years may turn eons
While the battle of good goes on
And opts its sword of love
The hands of good joined by it
And Dine with me and you
So wait for the day, my friend
You are the cure for you. ”
So I plunged myself into my thoughts
And got up to face the faults,
I thank myself to the good
For the words it showered from a distant place,
Where the good shouts from hell to be heard.

Sins, Souls and Broken Pianos - Poem

Luminescence of stripped souls
Hanging over the Rose Trees
Gripping onto the Stranded Sins
Breaking Faiths
Falling Hopes
Gratifying into their Self Pity
Crawling in the midst of the Lost forest
Maneuvered by the Soothing Sounds
Tangling Tunes of Broken Pianos
Wrapped their wounded legs
Emancipating the Sweet Innocence
Shattered Depravity
Into Millions of Mercury
Tiny Drops rolling
On the Lavender Bed
And there they witness
The Radiance of Miracle
Flying with the dragon flies
Hunting for their deprived Time.

An Evening Coffee with My Hero - Poem

Aurora blankets around the Earth
Shadowing the Sun on to the Gateway of Horizon
In our veranda
Where I sojourn myself to relax
My mother’s sweet nectar recipe
Elixir of our life
And I sat
For an evening coffee with My Hero.

Sleeping through my childhood
Waking up on his shoulders
Always there with those
His fractions of anger
Scattered across our Hallway
Brushing those aside
To listen his
Path of life to Infuse
Our Journey towards Truth

Racing on the time machine
I rode all along
With his words and beliefs
Searching, Stumbling and Striving
To find the truth of destiny.
Soaked in my sweat
I turn back
And I am
In our veranda
Tired and wounded
Seeing that face of tranquility
I sojourn myself to relax
To run towards my destiny
While I sat
To have an evening coffee with My Hero.

(Thanks to Mathi and Mathangi for Proof Reading and Corrections)

Memory Stickers

Place : Luray Caverns near Washington DC
Camera : Canon A95
Specialty : The bottom portion of the photo is a reflection ! This particular part of the Caverns has a small pond which is so clear and lucid that it provides amazing reflection ! Proud that I took this amazing picture !

Place : Washington Monument, Washington DC
Camera : Canon A95
Specialty : I was able to get the US Flag with the Monument. I like the colour combination of the US Flag with the blue skies and the tall structure.


Place : A Street near White House in Washington DC
Camera : Canon A95
Specialty : I love the quotation, "I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence" Yes I am !

Still - Poem

(Inspired by the song "Still" by Foo Fighters)

Hopeless staring in the spot
Shining with a Smile
Endless Sewn
Of beauty and bones
Everything is Red

Swimming in the pool of rose
Sinking in to the dead
Oozing Tears
Of Fallen love
All around the place

Picking up the vibrations
Of the shaken soul
And stop the beat
Of my silent greet
To hear the sound of Still.

Wandering through the Woods of Redemption - Poem

There I go
There it is
There I am
Chasing forever
My Destiny
In the Woods of Redemption
Where the evil confess
Where the good cruise
In the Woods of Redemption
There I go
There it is
There I am
Stumbled on my own grave
Picked up the sand in my hand
To mark the occasion of crucifixion
And drain my blood of sins
To cultivate the tree of serenity
Skin stiff
Tongue dried
Lips drew the art of speechlessness
Nerves see-sawed my brain
To deceive the machinations
Of my inner self
Came those hands of mine
With the knife of kindness
And stabbed the wicked soul
Unleashed my angers
Towards the truth of evil
On my knees to lie on my grave
And beg for the angels
To wipe the stains of disdain
Blossoming flowers
Fountains of hope around me
Blessed me with the drops of purity
Forgiveness in the grains of sand I hold
My grave disappeared
And a ray that showed me to the path
There I go
There it is
There I am
To explore the woods of redemption.

Are you Lonely? - Poem

Sitting in the deep sand
All Alone
Watching the Sea of Love
Carousing Winds
Jumping dolphins
Sheets of Waves
Glittering Stars
All Alone
Glowing Moon
Shining at you
Past things present you
The beauty of your soul
To enjoy this warmth of happiness
Around you
All alone
The nature's sweet smell of jubilations
All alone
Look around
To see no one
All Alone
Are you Lonely?

"Skin and Bones" (2006) - Foo Fighters - Album Review

Having attended and enjoyed the “Foo Fighters” Acoustic Concert in Chicago, I was compelled to get their latest album “Skin and Bones”, recorded live at Pantages Theater, Hollywood which was one of their first performances for their acoustic tour.

This album cannot be labeled as an acoustic performance, rather can be explained as a nice and sweet recipe of calculated amount of hollow guitar, tinges of special instruments and some guiding assistance from the minimal use of unit based grunge guitar. Dave Grohl, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, kicks off with the song “Razor” plucking his guitar tenderly and the rest of the band joins to give the song a deserving finish.

From there on, the listeners will go through a thorough enjoyment of soul stirring music for more than an hour. Special songs such as “Marigold” and also the album title song “Skin and Bones” are excellent new piece of work from them.

I will leave the listeners for rest of the songs to be enjoyed and appreciated which will give them an enthralling musical experience. There is no need for someone to be a Foo Fighters fan to appreciate this album, since it is very appealing to all the genre listeners.

This concert is impressive mainly due to the fact that the Foo Fighters & Co. had more fun than the listeners by playing it. “Skin and Bones” may not be an extraordinary or historical performance as that of “Pulse” by Pink Floyd, but it is one of those concerts wherein there is an intangible element attached to it which gives the vibrant energy required to drive the audience to douse themselves into their souls.

(Thanks to Mathi for proof reading)

"Stereomovers EP" (2006) - Music Review

Lazy Sunday afternoon with the laptop and into hunting for some different and interesting music on iTunes led me to the “Stereomovers”. With millions of bands in the ocean of current music industry, any debutants should really make an impressive start to pursue and sustain successfully. The industry has witnessed so many one hit bands disappear without any signs of relapse. Having said that, “Stereomovers” comprised of Alexandre Dionne and Simon Roy, makes an impressive debut to say the least. They are novel, different and most importantly have their own style in the creation of their music.


Synthesizing keyboard and mystical chords of this song stamps itself the pick of note in this EP. The initial thirty seconds of this song marks this band’s entry into the new genre of music. The vocals blend in stealth mode and emerge as a soothing melody leading the whole instruments along with it. The grand opening has been done with perfection.


Just as you are about to brand it a routine song of this genre, it takes the shift of giving you the top of the notch rhythm tone. Special mention to the vocals of Alexandre which is soothing and yet a rock shredding throat. The theme of the song fits the tune to give the listener the feeling of a “crowd of people” waiting for something.

Love is

Another club oriented mix preface leading to a solid beat and techno tinkling produces a different love song. Many of the forthcoming DJs in the club are going to mix it and will be a major dance floor hit.

Picture of you

Distorted emergence of Guitar plucking, with the start of heart thudding drums, branded “Stereomovers” all over the song, is what by now has tailored into the minds of the listeners. Even though the start promises a lot, it does not satisfy the hunger it had created. As a relative comparison, this song did not make the impression as the rest of other numbers in this EP.

Watch out for these guys, they are out and are rocking big time.

(Thanks to Mathi for proof reading)

"Law and Order" (1990 - ????) - TV Series

"Law and Order” is a series about the Cops who find the people behind the crime and the District Attorneys who try them in the courtroom. Even though this sounds usual and normal, it has a unique style of making. The winning factor for this series would be that they never show the crime like they do in other TV series in this Genre. The viewers will be traveling with Detective Briscoe, Detective Greene and also doubting and debating the rights and wrongs with ADA Jack McCoy.

With respect to the cases and the flow of it, one could not ask more from this series. The screen texture itself brings in the day to day life of any metropolitan city. I guess people from New York City may very well associate it since it is very real and happening next door. Some times you may know that who is the culprit but the way it is being investigated, interlinked and how it is been approached in the courtroom is what makes “Law and Order” a different and intriguing master piece in the series making.

Little will be portrayed about the main characters with respect to their personal life and that makes it even more interesting on what their stand go for in each assignment. You seem to wonder whether they are all real time Cops and Attorneys. Sam Waterson who appears as Executive ADA Jack McCoy made me seriously doubt whether he has been a lawyer for a long time. Every take is comprised of lucid originality and clarity of the characters.

No wonder this series took three to four spin offs and also successful screening for more than 16 years. Off which, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” is a strong contender for next long series as that of “Law and Order”. Both the shows reveal how gritty and brutal are the crimes that are being committed and how the justice system punishes them or sometimes fails to provide the closure to the victims. Every episode will make you question the system & also justify it.

Overall, one of the best series Television has ever produced. Watch it and question your conscience.

(Thanks to Mathi for proof reading)

Infinite Comeliness - Poem

Alone I go everywhere
Beautiful Eyes
Luscious Lips
Women, the God's best creation
Out they are to make you sin
Into your mind and into your skin
Somebody's wife, Someone's love
I do not care for that momentary guilt’s
Slightest smile, My Dear you make;
Kindles the nerves all over my face
All these are mirage for me,
True is that women are a dream
Unintended gaze, whispers in your ears
Makes me go crazy for years
Still I sit for numerous hours
Try to solve this puzzle of chores
And then it struck my heart to see
The Truth beneath these dark dreams
Get to see my life ahead
Is sans wife till I am dead.

Cruel World - Poem (Inspired from the Song “Oora therinchukitten” - Original Soundtrack for the Tamil movie “Padikkaathavan”)

Revealed this city its trueness
Universe unraveled itself
Birth of the practicality in me
Understanding the numbers in people
Oh! My Sweetheart!

Nourished the disguised snake of cunningness
To get stung by the bitterness of life

Void is the relation of brotherhood
For its self inflicting performances
And Meticulous Calculations of time
For the love designed by the money
Vain are those blood dropped
To get outcaste
Hurt by the horns of mistakes
Scorpions’ sting my wounded soul.
Oh! My Sweetheart!

Past step towards present Philosopher
Disembarked the evil from the river of sins
And dance with my naked naive ness
Rainbow of strung affinity disappear
Heavy heart filled with kinship
Inside are those ferocious animals to eat
The tainted money
And there goes the brave cow
To chopped into the pieces of

The Lost Garden - Poem

I walked through the gates rusted
Trespassed by us most of the times
Saw the trees without leaves but still strong
There still lies the name lists in the stem
My heart pulsated to see the bench
The Bench of ultimate joy ness
Yes, It was there still same and with a novelty
I sat and floated there with my thoughts
And it embraced me with same affection
I can still feel the sweet smell of gayness
Every bit in the ambience
Reeking jubilation all over the place
When all was going in my mind
I saw a book and I took it
Perusing through the pages
I suddenly felt I am not alone
To see my people by my side
All were there, rejuvenated
With the same cups in their hands
Again those revelry celebrations
And envious eyes
Happiness in every bit of my nerve
Brain bedraggled slowly into the chimerical yore
Sitting alone I closed the book
I beseeched god
“Turn the pages to the past”
There came a blare of light
Showing the Torn pages
The Days are gone forever
But forever, the days will be there
In my thoughts and in my dreams
And as I got up
Saw another man looking the bench wistfully.

Wasted Time - Poem

Leaning back on my memories
The faint image of those beautiful hands
Defined my hopes
And crushed it
The soothing voice
Driven me, to do
and not to do
The Eyes,
Ray of energy to lead my life
And blind my mind
Those moments are my wasted time
The stupid reasons, the impossible hopes
Still, I weep for those to do the same.

Kerala - God Does Own This State

A vacation is a thing wherein you need to go to a place where no one can reach you, no one ever visited the place, and the human existence in this planet should be questioned by the beauty of the exuberant place. You can very well get close to something like that when you visit the state of Kerala in India. Everyone says Kerala as “God’s Own Country”. I very much doubted it. How can one state in this hot south India get so much attention from God?

Myself, my brother and my friend Mathi went for a trip to Wayanad a place in Kerala during the year of 2005 Dassara Holidays. The drive from Bangalore to Wayanad is the best a driver would ask for in a journey. Six to Seven hours went in minutes.

The Soojipara Falls is the best of all places we visited and I am penning that experience. The vehicle does not directly land you at the foot of the falls. You need to depend on your legs for 1 Kilo meter to see the falls. The path took us way steep down into the dense foliage. The water splashing into rocks created the fearing sound and it kept on increasing as we were approaching the falls to increase our expectation, since it was so shy and was hiding behind the dense forest. And then it emerged.

The Soojipara Falls!!!!!(See the photo).

This whole beauty is a virgin. No Human signs, No Wastes except for some of the dead leaves, No sound except the shattering sound of the falls. Nothing except the ultimate freshness and magnanimity provided by our very own Mother Nature with the side effect of enjoyable fear and thrill. Serenity attained!!!! At least for the 20 minutes we stayed out there. When you see the falls, you see the height of it, the beauty and the surroundings but we forget to see the fundamental thing which has created this thing. Gravity. One of the best creations of it.

Well, time to go back and when I looked up. No!!!!!! The steepness of the way threatened more than the fear of falling into the falls. Started climbing up and everyone would say that your weight should be reduced which forms the main reason for tiredness. People again forget the fundamental thing which is the sole reason for my tiring. Yes, it is Gravity once again. If some one would have offered me a choice to climb back, climb down to stay with serenity or have some poison and die, I would have gone with the last one. Yes of course, I was not in a position to climb up or down. Not giving up, I made it to the top which gave me some sense of attainment and also finding the reason of my existence in this world. “Enjoy the earth”

The reason for me to share the experience is that, we need to have a break from our life once in while. More than a break, there is lot left to be seen in this world, not even world but your neighboring state itself. The joy of appreciating it brings you freshness, good feeling, peace and a reason for your existence.


People seem it enjoyable to remember and visit the place they were born, studied or lived. All these places are a person’s attachment towards the place he/she spent half of their life time or even a single moment. How a lifeless brick, stones become pride and memory for an individual? Or is it the people with whom they cherished the good, funny or even crazy times?

It is the right blend of both the factors. Here are some of my favorite spots. The tea shop which has the proper shading to provide enough security to smoke with maximum freedom, the bench in your college which is the anchor for beautiful sceneries(ahem), the 50 paise pepsicola corner shop near the school gate and the roadside Tiffin shop near your college room or hostel. People tend to remember all these things and when they visit those places, their enquiry about the place is minimal but the joy of meeting the people who made those beautiful, memorable and still are working hard to make it unforgettable for rest of the people.

The value of the place increases more when you come to know you are going to leave it for a long time. It may not be the luxurious of all but it cared you without saying any word against for the stipulated time. When the time comes to leave, you say your final goodbye and make sure you enjoy all those things for one last time.

I made sure to visit my favorite tea shop in my native place before I came to US. I made sure that I drink the local cola drink followed by tea and Vada. I made sure to visit my home there and dig the photos of my childhood and college days. I made sure to eat at the hotel nearby. I made sure to visit the guy who ironed our clothes and say bye to him. Finally I made sure to remember them all.


Road Traffic can be defined as the unified thoughts of several individuals to surpass the time factor wherein negating the factor of humanity. It does not matter what causes the traffic but it is the sequence of events by the common people that follows in one particular location which basically worsens the situation.

Whenever a person comes out of his/her home and sit in the metal of theirs, some of the following thoughts gets inculcated into their heart and some of those are enormous power control over the mankind, ego factor and of all racing against time. As soon as one gets out of their vehicle they will be some good son, a good father or a social reformist. What makes the normal matured people to degrade themselves when it comes to road? Is it the improper planning of their day or real urgent to save the universe from a nuclear warhead or is it the absence of one simple word called patience in them?

People who drive in other countries would have followed the road rules and regulations which basically become hard for them to drive in a country with less of those. And when they get used to that, they also become one of the demons in the road. The reason for their change is not due to the external factors but their own mind frame. When a particular individual can maintain calmness and composure in one country, why cannot they try to be the same in any other place? Couple of human beings like them can change the entire outlook of traffic maintenance.

There is no need to have philosophical lecture in hard faced roads but the self discipline of the matured driver is what it counts. Next time when you drive around, just try to be little patient and try to help others which would cause a chain reaction of good will. Maybe one day everyone will not consider traffic as an excuse for coming late and find it fun to ride rather than a pain to commute.

Angel's Whispers - Poem

“Dedicated to my Grandmother Mrs. P.N. Rengasamy”

Calm replies, Sweet laughs
Wisdom speeches
Enlightening her kin
With her strangest stories
Angel’s whispers
Humans listen

“How can Angels talk?” questioned my juvenile soul.
“Listen closely” she smiled.
Perplexed I was
Wandered half the world
And stopped one fine day
Expired time reminded me
To see the face of naive ness
Went to the old city
And there she was
Staring at the darkness
Immersed in the chore of silence
Sniffing the scent of her loved ones
In the thin air of emptiness
Gloomed in her inadvertent thoughts

I lay in her lap
Her trembling soft old hands
Felt my face
And saw her yielded love
Hid her sorrow
In those scrawny skin

Warmth in her heart
Patience in her veins
She counts her days
For her Eternal Rest
While I stared at her
To listen
The Angel’s whispers.

Let us Talk about Movies

I guess lot of people know about a movie named “The Shawshank Redemption”. This movie is a beautiful story of how hope can let a person change the world around him at any place and at any time. I made my brother to watch this movie and as expected it moved him very much.

After a week, I got a mail from my brother saying that he watched the movie once again and enjoyed it more than the first time. He went on explaining the comparison of that movie with our lives. I was really impressed but the last line went out like this, “ You may think Why I am talking so much about this? After all it is a MOVIE”. That irked me. Why do people have the notion of talking about movie is nothing but a waste of time?

The way we have been brought up is that the movies are only for entertainment and nothing more than that. Of course movie is a two to three hours deviation from our normal life. If some one discusses about a Novel, they appreciate them saying those human beings are intellectuals analyzing a fundu subject. People can tell lot of stupid movies and I can tell you lot of stupid Novels. Then why do people perceive them in a different way.

I am a big time movie buff (which you people should have got it by this time). I watch lot of movies and especially some real slow but good ones. I like it because I like it. I have seen many movies and thought about it a lot. In fact the movie Shawshank was my moral support guidance through out my tough times in life. As soon as I finish seeing a movie, the things I feel about that movie stretches so far that I go ahead to research about them. I have learned lot of good things from good movies.

I made one of my friend who does not watch English movies to look into a movie I liked. Guess What? He liked it so much that we discussed about it for 2-3 hours. We realized lot of issues in our personal life being addressed and it showed how we need to handle those. Now was it a waste of time? I do not think so.

The real substance of discussion lies in each other's perception but it does not give the right to the people to say some one that talking about it is a mere waste of time and does not help you.

As the movie Shawshank Redemption says,
“Remember. Hope is good thing. May be the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.” I will go ahead and add my own line into it, “All good things should be taken in any form. It does not matter in which form it comes.”